Partial List of Engagements

Seraxis Pte Ltd

East West Capital Partners advised a multi-million dollar Series A, B and C investment in cell therapy company, Seraxis Pte Ltd. Eli Lilly and Company, Frazier Healthcare Partners, Polaris Ventures, and JDRF T1D Fund are some of the investors in Seraxis.

Seraxis uses proprietary cell culture technology to develop cell therapies to treat insulin-dependent diabetes, and has commenced operations. This start-up is headquartered in Singapore with a subsidiary, Seraxis Inc., in Germantown, Maryland USA. The company also has support from the foundation Dads Against Diabetes (DAD). Medytox, a Korean-listed company has invested in Seraxis.

Sanjay Sehgal, served as Chairman of Seraxis.

The US Subsidiary is a tenant of the Germantown Innovation Center, a business incubator program of the Montgomery County, Department of Economic Development Business Innovation Network.
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Sonnet BioTherapeutics

East West Capital Partners advised an investment round in Sonnet BioTherapeutics, Inc based in Princeton, NJ, USA. Sonnet is a Nasdaq listed company (ticker: SONN).

Sonnet is utilizing a platform approach to develop immuno-oncology therapeutics featuring a proprietary fully human “Albumin Binding Domain” (ABD) capable of linking 1-2 different therapeutic targets.

Sanjay Sehgal previously served on the Board of Sonnet, and as a Senior Management Leadership Mentor to the Board of Sonnet BioTherapeutics.

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LiPlasome Pharma ApS

East West Capital Partners entered into an agreement with a European Family office to jointly manage and fund LiPlasome Pharma ApS, a Danish oncology drug delivery company.

The strategy is to de-risk and accelerate the development of a novel third-generation liposomal delivery technology by shifting the manufacturing and conducting the later stage clinical validation in India.

Covered by a strong patent portfolio, the Company is expected to seek approval across a range of oncology drugs for targeted therapeutic delivery to solid tumors with much reduced side effects and therefore an improved therapeutic ratio.

The investment exemplifies a core EWCP belief that Intellectual Property can be commercialized in an affordable and expedient way by active cross-border development of IP (typically generated in the developed world) using existing infrastructure available in emerging markets.

Sanjay Sehgal is on the Board of LiPlasome Pharma ApS

ITL Health Group Limited

East West Capital Partners advised an investment in listed Australian medtech company, ITL Health Group Limited

East West Capital Partners led an investment advising a strategic investor to acquire a meaningful stake in ITL Health Group Limited, a leading supplier of medical technology products. ITL, an Australian ASX-listed company, sells its products to over 35 countries globally (Stock ticker: ITD: AX).

Consistent with its philosophy, the Partners of EWCP have also invested in ITL. EWCP is working with management to realize ITL's full potential, while also examining options to expand the business into new areas.

Sanjay Sehgal served on the Board of ITL. Sanjay also chaired the Audit Committee of ITL. EWCP has since exited this investment.

ITL’s core business is in manufacturing products which assist in protecting the health and safety of healthcare workers. While specializing in blood-banking products, there are several other innovative products for general medical use. It holds several patents. ITL manufactures these products at its facility in Ipoh, Malaysia.

Lamellar Biomedical

East West Capital Partners advised in the fund raise of Scottish early stage Biopharmaceuticals company Lamellar Biomedical raising $5.3 million.

The company is focused on the development of proprietary mimetics of lamellar bodies as treatments for dry eye disease, radiotherapy induced xerostomia or dry mouth and diseases which affect the normal functioning of the lungs including cystic fibrosis.

Lamellar bodies are complex lipid structures which function as the body’s method of controlling the viscosity of fluids which protect exposed surfaces of the body. These include mucous (lungs), tears (eyes) and saliva (mouth). Some applications of Lamellar Biomedical’s products will be regulated as class 2b medical devices,others as medicinal products.

Duncan Moore, served as Chairman of Lamellar Biomedical.

Braidlock Limited

East West Capital Partners advised a GBP 1.0million investment into the UK medical device company Braidlock Ltd.

Braidlock has pioneered the use of braided tubes as a means of securing external lines from sites of surgical intervention. The idea was developed at the Great Ormond Street Hospital, the world-famous children's hospital in London.

Initially the product will be manufactured in the UK with higher volumes being manufactured in Southeast Asia. The company plans to establish a sales base in the UK through the NHS and expand into Europe.

There is already considerable demand for Braidlock's products in SE Asia and Korea.

Braidlock's are a cheap and secure way of external line fixation which can save the payer industry considerable costs compared to other commercially-available devices as well as making life easier for practitioners, both nurses and physicians.