Sample Engagements

Our Core Philosophy is centered around creating globally competitive companies by leveraging the strengths and attributes of different geographical areas of the world so that mankind can benefit from getting access to new discoveries and better proven healthcare ideas faster and cheaper.

Opportunities we see are:

1) The increased spending power of the middle class in emerging markets creates a need for additional investments by the private sector in healthcare services, medical products and world-class clinic facilities. Even in developed countries, there is a need for facilities upgrade and often governments do not have budgets to keep up. We see public-private partnerships as a good model to bridge the gap.

2) Intellectual property which has so far predominantly been created in the developed markets can take advantage of the manufacturing, development and clinical infrastructure and skills that are available in emerging markets.

EWCP focuses on advising investments in Healthcare and Life Sciences companies, covering:

• Biotechnology
• Medical Devices & Technology
• Pharmaceuticals (e.g. specialty pharma, drug delivery)
• Facilities
• Services

Our 4 Partners (Sanjay Sehgal, Duncan Moore, Ram Radhakrishnan, Hans Brenner) – have between them over a 120 years of combined domain and operational expertise, investment track record and global contacts within their areas of expertise: private equity, capital markets/research, pharmaceutical operations and medical technology manufacturing. We like restructuring opportunities.

With proven operational, advisory and investment expertise, EWCP seeks to leverage its global network by working with strong management teams who have a vision to compete globally.

Since our inception in 2005, we have advised several companies across the world on their global strategy. EWCP invests using its Partners’ capital and draws on a network of capital providers who wish to co-invest in our deals.

EWCP strongly believes it can provide added value in 4 key areas:


Equity participation, leveraged buy-out, expansion capital, IPO and structured investments


Manufacturing techniques/upgrades, Sourcing, Human Resource Development and Retention, Logistics and Supply Chain management, Organisation Development and Regulatory support.


Products and product management, tie-ups, strategic relationship/collaboration, intellectual property rights, competition management and R&D.


Board management, committees, reporting, disclosures, independent directors, management, corporate public relations and grievance related issues.